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Egg Heads Adult Toy Design

Egg Heads Adult Toy Design

Egg Heads Adult Toy Design



This project involves a combination of 3D modelling and basic character design. The shapes that you employ should be as straight forward as you can make them. Labouring over complex forms will kill the project. Study the basic form and mechanical action of the Buzzy Bee™ and vinyl toys. Stick with simple forms. It is amazing what can be done with a small number of basic modeling processes.

Once you have designed the new toy, use Vectorworks to its best advantage and produce multiple views, frame type animations showing the toy in action, plans, exploded diagrams, graphics and packaging.

Your brief for this assignment is to develop an A1 presentation panel for the toy using a variety of views and rendering options .

Remember that Vectorworks and other 3D software appreciate good, clean 2D shapes as a starting point.

Plan your panel carefully and work out what type of outputs you need from Vectorworks to fully illustrate the project. You will need to come up with a name and a simple graphic id for the product.

The panel must include the following Vectorworks components:

1. Fully rendered views of the model in perspective mode.

2. Plan views with dimensions

3. Details of the action.

4. A sequence of frames showing the mechanical action.

5. A composite image incorporating the model into another scene


Assessment will be based on the inventive qualities of your toy, the sophistication of the 3D digital visualisations and the graphic decisions you have made about your poster.


Model the toy in Vectorworks and use Indesign to lay out your panel. It is fine to use Photoshop and Illustrator to alter the rendered images you produce from Vectorworks but don’t overdo it. We want to see a 3D model presented in different ways, not an elaborate ‘fake’.

Look carefully at the characteristics of the toy you are planning. Study other objects that are produced using similar materials and processes. As with the button project. make sketches of the forms and carry out a detailed breakdown of the object. Be attentive to both form and surface detail. Does the object have characteristics that could be enhanced by texture mapping? Design the graphics for this using Illustrator.

Compile these characteristics into a set of parameters for your 3D modeling project . Don’t make the shapes too difficult to produce. Look for subtle forms that can be produced with the most straight forward geometries.


Working Drawings

Working Drawings

Concept Drawings

Concept Drawings


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