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Hams Direct Branding

The Final Hams Direct Logo

The Final Hams Direct Logo


Along with some of my colleagues at Squarei Design Ltd, I entered a logo competition for Hams Direct Ltd.

We developed three logos, both graphic and font based, winning the rights to develop their brand identity.

Squarei worked on developing three options and my design was chosen as the final logo for their business.


Design Students, Hams Direct was set up in 2008 by 3 Otago University students. The company delivers free range, organic hams around Christmas to customers around the country.

In 2009 we are looking to seriously expand our company and as part of that we want a new logo. We felt our old logo was too simplistic and didn’t represent the product we were delivering. Our new logo would ideally incorporate the fact that our product is free range and represent its high quality nature.

Our hams come from Freedom Farms, there website is Students should feel free to visit this site to get a better idea of what our product is about BUT should be very weary of copying any of Freedom Farms designs.

At the moment we just supply hams during Christmas period, but in the future we hope to expand into a whole year operation. Therefore although part of the design may incorporate Christmas themes the core of the logo would need to be free from it.

Once a finalist is selected we would also like them to design the layout of our business cards, flyers (A2) and pamphlets (A5). Hams Direct is also is the process of building a website so the winning designer may also be involved in helping this.

In return the winning design would receive $200, their work would be recognised on all of the companies media (website, business cards, flyers and pamphlets).

Logo designs should be submitted to no later than 5pm Friday 1st May 2009. Any issues should also be directed to the above email address.

Good Luck – The Team at Hams Direct


After winning the rights to develop the logo, we set about developing the concepts.

Logo Breakdown Development 1

Logo Breakdown Development 1

Logo Breakdown Development 2

Logo Breakdown Development 2


Hams Direct were extremely happy with what we produced and we would definitely work with them again.

Hams Direct Stationary

Hams Direct Stationary


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