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UX Design – Flagmakers Homepage

Flagmakers Homepage Before & After

Flagmakers Homepage Before & After


Improve the user interface to increase click through rates on Flagmakers most popular products.


Budget /Time – allocated 5 hours over a 2 week period.

Stakeholder Interview

I discussed the requirements of this project with the Business Owner and the sales team to find what they wanted to achieve.

I found that they wanted to make it easier for customers to navigate to the more popular products that they offer.

These included national flags (especially the NZ flag) and the portable display options that Flagmakers are less known for.

Website Overview

Website Overview

Guerilla Usability Testing

In order to achieve some form of user testing I used the Flagmakers staff relatives and friends to navigate through and evaluate their experiences.

This gave me valuable insight into the way they scanned the page and chose where to click.


Flagmakers needed Google Analytics to be integrated to their site so I added the Analytics tracking code to the site for 2 weeks before starting my analysis.

I then made my changes to the home page and was able to evaluate the results based on the sites before & after performance.

Introduced Google Analytics to the site

Introduced Google Analytics to the site


We also drew a few different mockups to give the users different options for the interface.

1st Mockup

1st Mockup


We found the users responded well to the image links in this mockup and we decided this would be the ideal method versus plain text links.

The desaturated images also allow the products to be judged on shape over colour which is very important for flag and banners.

Once a product is hovered over, the user is shown a bright and colourful link which entices the user to click.

product thumbnail links with hover highlight effect

product thumbnail links with hover highlight effect

National flag links

As Flagmakers most popular seller is the New Zealand flag and various other national flags, it also became a requirement to increase clicks to these pages.

In order to do this it was decided that the same quick image thumbnail links should be used, except this time they were to be full colour without hover for easy recognition.

Due to this requirement for National flags, it became a necessity to remove the customer service image and accompanying text.

Popular national flag quicklinks

Popular national flag quicklinks


All users who gave feedback agreed that this was both better for navigation and more believable. (Note to self: use stock images sparingly!)

The number of page views that the site received after the changes showed a significant improvement in navigation.

The owner of Flagmakers was very happy with the results and he continues to consider how UX design can improve his site.

Next step – improve individual product pages to enhance customer experience and improve customer enquiries.



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