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PAKn’SAVE Gooo NZ Promotion

PaknSave Petone

PaknSave Petone – click image to read the fantastic responses to the promotion.


The Petone PAKn’SAVE owner, Leo O’Sullivan, wanted to get behind the All Blacks in 2011 by dressing up his store. In no way did he expect to gain any financial rewards from this, and in fact, he believed he wouldn’t make a cent from the project. Unfortunately businesses that were not sponsors were generally not allowed to do something of this magnitude.

Leo O’Sullivan, says that the reason they decided to get behind the World Cup, with help from Flagmakers in Thorndon, can be traced back to when he was in Paris for the 2007 Rugby World Cup semi-final.

“I was looking at an All Blacks display in a shop window and a Frenchman came up to me. I think he much have seen the tears in my eyes because, let’s face it, the only time a real kiwi bloke is supposed to cry is when we lose in the Rugby World Cup!

He saw my All Blacks hat and apologised for beating us in the quarter final. He went on to say “The All Blacks are the best team in the world but they won’t win the World Cup until their fans get passionate.”

On reflection – he was dead right! In all the previous world cups I’d seen very little, if any, real activity in support of the All Blacks.

So I decided then and there that in 2011 the Petone PAK’nSAVE was going to show as much support as possible!”

Despite all of the legal jump ropes, nothing was going to stop a staunch supporter like Leo, and so he pushed ahead and we now have a supporters story worth telling.


Create a store-front “building wrap” that would get everybody behind the All Blacks in 2011. The design will need to comply with the legal requirements outlined by lawyers, the NZRU, RWC and the Wellington City Council. The design must also fit as closely as possible within the PAK’nSAVE brand guidelines.

Before / Proposal / After

Before / Proposal / After


PAK'nSAVE Concept-1

PAK’nSAVE Concept-1


Actual rugby players or connections to rugby were not allowed on the building. The All Blacks reference on the entry was only allowed as Sanitarium were an All Blacks sponsor. The cross-bar may not be allowed as it is a rugby reference.


After the first concept we were told by Leo’s lawyers and The NZRU that the generic rugby player images were not allowed. Leo also wanted the design to be busier. The “We’re behind you” was also considered too passive and a more direct “statement” was needed.

PAK'nSAVE Concept-2

PAK’nSAVE Concept-2


This concept was also considered to be not “busy” enough. The cross-bar was also considered a non-negotiable. A lot of kiwiana elements were suggested for consideration in making the design busier. However I persuaded the client that these would detract from the key message that was Gooo NZ. And so, we decided to make this element far more predominant and that we would get the additional busyness from more crowd hands on  the frontage.

Final Product Photos






Leo was wrapped with the result and continues to dress his store with my designs and he continues to utilise my highly adaptable Gooo NZ Campaign. A facebook fan had this to say “I just wanted to say that both the carpark and in store looks awesome!! You have done a great job and made NZ proud!! Keep up the good work”

Leo - Happy Client

Leo – Happy Client

The finished product

The finished product


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