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FutureTech Recruitment Process Infographic

FutureTech Process Infographic

FutureTech Process Infographic


Nicky Maaka, Director of FutureTech Recruitment Ltd, contacted me to design a step by step process infographic for employers looking to use his service.

The end result would mean Nicky would have to do less work explaining his service and his clients would get a clear snapshot greatly improving their user experience.

The design must be usable for both print, mobile and web applications.

He supplied all the text and required some simple icons to help quickly illustrate each step.

In some cases there was some paraphrasing required in order to fit within the constraints of the design layout.

As there was not yet full brand guidelines for the use of colour, I was able to be creative and use what I felt worked best.

Nicky was delighted with the result and I had another excellent experience of having Nicky as a client.



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