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Wedding Invitations and Decorations

The Engagement Party Invite

The Engagement Party Invite


Lusi and Andrew asked me to create a festival themed set of wedding designs for both email and print.

They wanted to see:

A sunny atmosphere, bright colours, concert style invites, tearaway RSVP tabs and general Wellington things that were in theme with festivals.

The Engagement Party Emails

They decided to have their engagement party at The Southern Cross so I included this in my design with the building trace and the lighting traces.

Concept Options

Concept Options

The Save the Date Emails

Lusi and Andrew asked me to make the designs for this in a more natural setting with hills and bali flags.

They also wanted a party atmosphere to be more prevalent.

They decided that they loved Option A and no further development was required.

The Final Design for the Save the Date Email Mailout

The Final Design for the Save the Date Email Mailout

Further Wedding Designs to follow…


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